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Get reserved Memory of ESXi Host

With the command Get-VMHost you can read values ​​such as the current memory consumption or the total number memory of a host. But I didn’t find a way to read out the value of the allocated memory of the subobjects (the VMs).

Here is an example of how this can be done. The script outputs a list of all hosts. In the attribute “AllocatedVMMemoryGB” you can see how much memory has been over-provisioned or it shows how much memory you could still use.

#by J.Kühnis 20.08.2019

Class VMHost{

$VmHostArray =@()

Foreach($server in Get-VMHost){
    $a = (($server | get-vm).MemoryGB | Measure-Object -sum).sum
    $server = Get-vmHost -name $
    $a = ("{0:N0}" -f $server.MemoryTotalGB) - ("{0:N0}" -f $a);

    $vmhost = New-Object VMHost -Property @{Name=$;ConnectionState=$server.ConnectionState;Powerstate=$server.ConnectionState;NumCpu=$server.NumCpu;MemoryUsageGB=$server.MemoryUsageGB;AllocatedVMMemoryGB=$a;MemoryTotalGB=$server.MemoryTotalGB;ParentCluster=$server.parent;ID=$server.Id;ProcessorType=$server.ProcessorType}
    $VmHostArray += $vmhost

    Clear-Variable -Name a,vmhost

$VmHostArray | Format-Table


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