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About this Blog As you may see from some articles, English is not my native language. I am Swissguy and live in Zurich. But I decided to write the blog in English to share my knowledge worldwide and not only for German speaking people. Despite the fact that I don’t speak perfect English. Finally it depends on the content and not on the grammar 😉 Of course it helps me to improve my English as well.

I really appreciate that many people share their knowledge publicly and i would like to share my knowledge and my work with this blog as well. Hopefully someone can benefit from this blog.

About me – Jeremias Kühnis

Since 2007 I am eager to learn computer science. After my 4 apprenticeship as IT-Supporter I worked for a short time in an IT-Helpdesk and afterwards for an IT-Provider for SME companies in the IT-Operation Team as Sysadmin. As a sysadmin I was confronted with the whole range of computer science, because I had to support systems of any kind. Microsoft Exchange, ActiveDirectory & GPO/GPP, VeamBackup, NetApp, MSSQL, Apache, MySQL, Citrix (PVS,XA 6.5 & 7.6, Storefront), DFS, Astaro Firewall, Citrix XenServer, ESXi & vCenter, Cisco Switches, HP Switches, Symantec Backup Exec, Trend Micros OfficeScan, Matrix42, BlackBerry MDM to name just a few.

As a sysadmin I became a real techie and my job became my passion. At this time I started to deal with IT in my private life and soon I started with my own server lab at home. In the middle of the year 2014 I changed my Job as a Citrix-&Clientengineer to a large international company. The focus of my work is clearly in the virtualization, Citrix and automation environment. Because this work offers a high degree of complexity and challenges.

I acquired a large part of my Citrix, VMware and Powershell knowledge during my work. In addition to my job at the retail company, I completed an apprenticeship at a “sevices-&systemsengineering” study between 2015-2018.

In my childhood I grew up in Chile for several years so I can speak several languages as well: Reading and writing in German/Swiss German (native language), Spanish and English.

Of course I have a life and hobbies besides IT, although my job is also a big part of my hobbies, because I like to deal with computer science. Snowboarding, floorball and travelling are my passion for a balanced lifestyle.

< An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin >