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Bulk reboot Server

With this variant, the servers from a list or an array will be restarted sequentially. If a server is not reachable or has problems with the Windows-Remoting-Service, this can lead to long runtimes. It gives you a nice overview where the reboot job worked or not.

With the parameter “-force” the servers will be rebooted even if there is still an active user session.

This is the parallel way to reboote servers from a list/array as a job using the “Invoke” function.

With this function you can check if the servers have been restarted. You can also Check the last boot time.

After calling the script, the function “Checkreboottime” can be used to check which servers have been restarted within a certain time.

Example: Checkreboottime -time 1000

The value 1000 indicates the minutes.

Yellow = Computer has not been restarted for more than 1000 minutes (since the time the script was executed)

Blue= No values could be determined

Green= computer restarted within 1000 minutes (since the script was executed)

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