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Reset User Profile FatClients

Just run the Script and have some fun while deleting local/remote Userprofiles 🙂

The parameters Username and ComputerName are mandatory.

The parameter -wildcard:$true allows to delete multiple profiles. For example all users with the profile name “John*“.

#by J.Kühnis 
#Code Elements of
#Run with elevated rights
$currentPrincipal = New-Object Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal( [Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent( ) )
if ( -not ($currentPrincipal.IsInRole( [Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltInRole]::Administrator ) ) )
    Write-Host "This script must be executed in admin mode." -ForegroundColor Yellow
    Write-Error "This script must be executed in admin mode." -ErrorAction Stop

Function Reset-LocalUserProfile {

        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string]$Username,
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string]$ComputerName,
        [switch]$IncludeSpecialUsers = $False,
        [switch]$Force = $True,

    IF ($Username -match '\*'){
            Write-Warning "wildcard enabled, deletion for multiple users enabled"

            Write-Warning "Username must be unique without wildcard '*'. If you like to use wildcard, please use '-Widlcard `$true' parameter. "

    $profileFounds = 0

    #Region Functions

    Function Test-PSRemoting {
            [Parameter(Position = 0, Mandatory, HelpMessage = "Enter a computername", ValueFromPipeline)]
            [System.Management.Automation.Credential()]$Credential = [System.Management.Automation.PSCredential]::Empty
        Begin {
            Write-Host -Message "Starting $($MyInvocation.Mycommand)"  
        } #begin
        Process {
            Write-Host -Message "Testing $computername"
            Try {
                $r = Test-WSMan -ComputerName $Computername -Credential $Credential -Authentication Default -ErrorAction Stop
            Catch {
                Write-Host $_.Exception.Message
        } #Process
        End {
            Write-Host -Message "Ending $($MyInvocation.Mycommand)"
        } #end
    } #close function

    #Check IF WinRM is OK

    IF (!(Test-PSRemoting -Computername $ComputerName)) {    
        Write-Host -Message "PS Remoting Error, can't reach Connect with WinRM"

    Try {
        $profiles = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserProfile -Computer $ComputerName -Filter "Special = '$IncludeSpecialUsers'" -EnableAllPrivileges
    Catch {            
        Write-Warning "Failed to retreive user profiles on $ComputerName"

    ForEach ($profile in $profiles) {
        try {
            $sid = New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier($profile.SID)               
            $account = $sid.Translate([System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])    
            $accountName = $account.value.split("\")[1]
            $profilePath = $profile.LocalPath
            $loaded = $profile.Loaded
            $special = $profile.Special
        catch {
        If ($accountName.ToLower() -Eq $UserName.ToLower() -Or ($UserName.Contains("*") -And $accountName.ToLower() -Like $UserName.ToLower())) {
            #If ($ExcludeUserName -ne [string]::Empty -And -Not $ExcludeUserName.Contains("*") -And ($accountName.ToLower() -eq $ExcludeUserName.ToLower())) {Continue}
            #If ($ExcludeUserName -ne [string]::Empty -And $ExcludeUserName.Contains("*") -And ($accountName.ToLower() -Like $ExcludeUserName.ToLower())) {Continue}

            $profileFounds ++

            If ($profileFounds -gt 1) {Write-Host "`n"}
            Write-Host "Start deleting profile ""$account"" on computer ""$ComputerName"" ..." -ForegroundColor Green
            Write-Host "Account SID: $sid"
            Write-Host "Special system service user: $special"
            Write-Host "Profile Path: $profilePath"
            Write-Host "Loaded : $loaded"
            If ($loaded) {
                Write-Warning "Cannot delete profile because is in use"

            If ($Force -Or $PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess($account)) {
                Try {
                    Write-Host "Profile deleted successfully" -ForegroundColor Green        
                Catch {            
                    Write-Host "Error during delete the profile. Maybe the user with you executed the script has no rights or the script was not started with admin rights." -ForegroundColor Red

    If ($profileFounds -eq 0) {
        Write-Warning "No profiles found on $ComputerName with Name $UserName"
Write-Host '########## START SCRIPT ##########' -ForegroundColor yellow

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